Our Heavenly Father

Jesus described God as our Father in Heaven who cares for our needs. He knows what we need before we even ask him for anything! We are valuable to Him. Just think about the kind of father who takes joy in caring for his children. He doesn’t want them to have to worry about life, because He has everything under control.

Maybe your earthly father wasn’t very good at showing how much he cares. Maybe you felt like you had to earn his love. Maybe you already had to say good-bye to a loved father. Maybe you are a father yourself, and know that the position comes with great responsibility. No matter where you are in life, you have a Heavenly Father who loves you completely and wants to take care of you. Jesus came to help us know our Heavenly Father and His love for us. If you want to know more about this, please send us a message!

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Dear Father in Heaven, I’ve heard that you love and care about me, and that you are a perfect Father. I am just beginning to know who you are, but I want to know you better. Please show me how much you love me and how much you care for me. Help me to trust you like a child trusts their loving father. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

And, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”
- 2 Corinthians 6:18

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